Flow regulators, speed control valves, quick exhaust valves

We briefly call valves such as speed regulating valves and quick exhaust valves used in pneumatic circuits briefly, Aignep, Bonesi and Waircom product programs are widely used in these valves.

Check valves, logic elements (and,or valves)

We briefly call valves such as check valves, logic valves used in pneumatic circuits, auxiliary valves, these valves are widely used in Aignep, Bonesi, Nostrali and Waircom product programs.

Ball valves

We prefer ball valves in case of strict sealing, there are 2/2 and 3/2 types, Aignep has a very wide ball valve program.

Angle seat valves

Piston valves, also called angle valves or Angle valves, have intensive use especially in heavy industry plants.

Safety valves

Solenoids, electropilots

Electroplots and solenoids, which are the control section of electrically controlled valves, are also used as 2/2 valves


Silencers reduce the sound level of the air coming out of the discharge lines of the pneumatic valves and prevent dust from entering the valve when there is no discharge, there are silencers of different materials, primarily sinterbronze and plastic.


The coils of all electric valves are sold separately and as spare.

Valve connectors

The coils of all electric valves are sold separately and as spare.

LED Adapters

LED adapters that show that energy is going to the sockets are preferred in automation circuits.