ISO 15552 Aluminium profiled cylinders

Aluminium profiled cylinders according to ISO 15552 standart are the most commonly used type cylinders by OEM’s. Being according to the European standarts as well the possibility of direct switch connection are ideal for automated machines. Uzay Makina supplies a wide range of these cylinders made by Aignep.

Short stroke cylinders

Short stroke cylinders are widely used in applications with short stroke. Uzay Makina provides short stroke cylinders from Aignep product range and are available from stock.

Compact cylinders

Typical application areas of compact cylinders are systems with many cylinders operating in a limited space. Compact cylinders made by Aignep and Cy-Pag are available at Uzay Makine stock.

Cartridge cylinders

For applications with very short stroke and limited volume of installation cartridge cylinders are used. Aignep cartridge cylinders are available in Uzay Makina.

Mini cylinders

Mini cylinders are suitable for application with relatively long stroke and less force requirements. Uzay Makina provides mini cylinders made by Cy-pag

special cylinders, slide cylinders, grippers, rotary cylinders

Along with standart cylinders, Aignep rotary cylinders and grippers are also available. These special units are provided mostly upon request.

fixing accessories, guide units

To protect the cylinder rod from lateral loads guide units are used, piston rod locks are used in applications wher piston rod is expected to have an absolute standstill. In aignep product program a varety of these units are available.

Cylinder mounting accessories

Cylinder mounting accessories are used to connect the cylinder to the frame or to other machine equipments, flange, hinge, clevis bracket, foot, rod end and spherical rod end are the most common types.

Magnetic sensors

Magnetic sensors are connected to the cylinder tube directly or by a special adapter.

Mounting parts for sensors

Magnetic sensors are connected to the cylinder tube by a clamp

Oleopneumatic brake cylinder

To slow down a high inertia and/or high speed mass at the stroke end Hydropneumatic break cylinder is a suitable tool. Bonesi produces brake cylinders with different diameter and stroke.

Hydropneumatic presses

Increasing pressure by means of a booster and applying this pressure to a cylinder filled with oil we can reach linear movement at a high pressure.